Monday, January 22, 2007

Challenges, pt 2

Well, I have been thinking more about the challenge of Anneliese's lack of verbal speech, and decided, like any good scrapper, to do a LO about it. Here is my baby, in all her glory.

And today I got to talk to her AWESOME teacher. This year LeeLee is in an ECDD classroom (enclosed developmental delay) and has thrived. Elaine shared with me that Anneliese is now happy, relaxed and cooperative in class, and has really progressed in her motor skills, and is making her needs known. Next year she will be in Elaines room again, in the afternoon 4 yr old room, because the public school just doesn't have the staff and time to work on her speech as much as this room can--12 kids to three teachers/aides.

I am content. We are getting progress. She is a happy, growing little person, and will not be ignored. If we don't understand her, she keeps trying. And as yesterday, we have 2 new words--Yi, Yi (I think this is Yeah, Yeah) and Hah (Hi) which she says into the telephone.

Life is surely good!

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