Thursday, September 03, 2009

Anneliese at the dentist

Well, Anneliese had to go to the dentist Monday. Because of her anxiety, we have to get her sedated for any treatment. Otherwise her shrieks and hysteria would be heard in Australia. Fortunately, the sedation they use leaves her memory free of the procedure. When I asked Dr. Emily how long we would be able to continue using sedation, she assured me that there is no age limit as she has high schoolers who still use it.

This particular trip was to get her front four top teeth pulled. The two adult teeth are starting to come in, and each of them is as large as the two teeth below. Anneliese just doesn't seem to lose her baby teeth on her own. Of the 8 teeth she has lost (including these) only two have fallen out on their own.

The size of these two new teeth is concerning. Her upper jaw is fairly "V" shaped due to Soto's, and I just don't see how a set of adult sized teeth will fit there. We are planning a consultation with an orthodontist due to the narrow jaw and high arched palate. Maybe she will require surgery down the road to reconstruct that area. Either way, we want to be prepared.

On to the cuteness! She looks like a tiny little vampire when she smiles, as you can just see her canines. Anneliese had started saying "yes" with a lisp a few weeks ago, instead of her usual "yep." She was adorable. Now, most of her "S" words lisp a little. I couldn't help but think that her theme song this year should be "All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth."

And don't worry about not seeing her toothless grin. She starts school the 8th, and picture day is the tenth. So, my little vampire will soon be immortalized.

Baby cat is growing....

Little Man had his 4th shots on Monday. He has just turned 4 months old, and weighed in at 6 pounds. 2 more pounds and he will weigh what Rosie does. Pictures to come...