Friday, January 26, 2007

Addicted to Adam & Jamie

OK, first of all I am NOT a reality TV buff, in the network sense of the word. I don't watch much Network TV at all (except Dave's weekly dose of "My Name Is Earl"). I am however addicted to one show that I watch religiously--Discovery Channel, Wednesday nights at 9:00. The show? Mythbusters. I can't miss it. We record it on the DVR so that if the kids aren't asleep we don't miss a minute of it. It isn't a reality show, but the show is "really" happening.

I have been watching this shoe since the 1st season. It has changed so much since then, but for Dave and I it remains "must see TV." Watching the squabbling between Adam and Jamie, the silliness of the build team, and the crazy stunts they pull makes me laugh each week. I love urban legends (yes, I took a class on them in college, as part of my English degree) and their spin on them is AWESOME. And what would an episode of the show be without an explosion.

Adam always seems like the kind of guy would have been fun to party with 20 years ago (yikes! that long?) in college. And I will always thank him for the catch phrase, "I reject your reality and substitute my own. Jamie reminds me of Dave with his slow planning ways. I also love the fact that in this show, Dave and I find a common denominator--my love of legends and history, and his love of science.

This show ROCKS!

(Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel)


EquineSpirit said...

I am so with you on this show! It's awesome!

Raegan said...

we love this show too! It's way up there on the DVR priority list! :)