Friday, July 27, 2007

Summer 2007 10 Ten List

Well, with summer flying by, I haven't had time to think straight. In no particular order, I decided to compile a list of the stuff going on this summer that is even slightly memorable in my world.

1. Harry Potter!! Final book read, digested and discussed on message boards all over the web. Loved it. Of course, started re-reading the series immediately after I finished Deathly Hallows. And for cool HP essays, check out

2. Pirates of the Caribbean III--slightly disappointing, but will hold final judgement until the DVD comes out and I can check the special features.

3. Bug Phobias--Sophia is hysterically terrified of flying insects. Starting therapy with a child psychologist next week. Hopefully we will get somewhere with therapy, because I don't think our family will survive with another caged in summer with a child afraid to leave the house.

4. Speech therapy--Anneliese had weekly speech therapy this summer--had to fight with the ISD to get it. She did amazing. More sounds, EIEIO to Old McDonald, simply saying "yeah." A total "life is good" moment.

5. Respite care--Dave and I decided to get respite care twice a month to give us a break. Yee-haw. We get an awesome worker each time--gramma type, and she does great with the kids. So nice to get away.

6. Summer of Bruce--I love Bruce Campbell, and have ever since seeing the Adventures of Brisco County Jr on TV. So, this summer, I bought the series on DVD. Perfection. Then when life couldn't get any better, he is starring in a new USA series called Burn Notice. As the slightly grizzled and washed up agent turned side kick, Bruce kicks booty. Now if I can just forget he ever did the abysmal show Jack of all Trades (nope, not even worth a link).

7. No scrapping--no urge to scrap yet, but bought the Basic Grey Infuse collection. Very nice, but really don't like the direction their designers are taking the paper lines these days. And I just dropped my last kit club. Time to use up some stash. Which leads to...

8. The Conscious Scrapper--great newer blog detailing the reality of scrapping as opposed to the trendy/ Debbi Designer / lets buy buy buy mentality that seems to be taking over the online scrapping community. Reading her posts really gives you a wake-up call if you haven't been thinking about these things. For myself, it was validation of the way I have been feeling for quite a while.

9. Renewed dedication to health--I just re-joined Weight Watchers this month. Had a scary ambulance trip in June, thinking it was my heart. After 4 hours at the ER, it turned out to be severe reflux. So, in addition to losing weight, I went to a gastroenterologist, started a regimen with a homeopathic doctor, and am trying to cut back the dosage of my anti-depressant. Already I am feeling like I have more energy. Can I hear another yee-haw?

10. Bequest--my father brought down some of my grandmother's furniture for me, as well as her wedding bands. I am wearing her anniversary band as my wedding band now. Due to my weight gain, I couldn't wear my own, and this ring fits as though it were made for me. And Dave understands, so is fine with it. The furniture I have started to clean and polish--a vanity table with bench and mirror, and the matching dresser. I loved watching Gran put on her make-up at that table since I was a little girl. Now I want to have the piece in my home where I can see it and remember what an amazing woman she was, and how much she contributed to who I am today.

That is my summer. And as I like to say, Life is surely good. And may it only get better.