Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Meet Rosie

Well, despite my good intentions in waiting 2-3 months before adopting a new furry friend, plans changed. I spoke to our vet, Dr. O, after Angel died, and she offered to keep a look out for a cat that might suit our family's needs. Today, she called and said that she thought a cat she rescued from Animal Control seemed perfect. Calm but friendly, 10 months old, good with everyone there. This cat was spayed and front declawed yesterday, and had no adoption fee. Dr. O felt that as she places her orphans with families she knows, it is enough that they go to a good home.

I can't begin to describe how happy that call made me. I have been so sad and lonely without Angel during the day, and late at night. No animal will ever replace Angel, but having another furry friend to get to know is a fun prospect. Despite the vet's certainty on this being a perfect cat, I didn't want to get my hopes up too much.

I went with Anneliese, Mom and Aunt Emily to check out both cats the vet mentioned. The 2nd was available also, but Dr. O didn't feel she was as good a fit. So, when we walked into the room, I saw a little black and white tuxedo girl with green eyes. Very calm. The tech brought her to me to hold, and she cuddled right in like she knew me already. When Anneliese went to pet her, all excited, kitty didn't balk at all. I stroked her more, doing the all body stroke--starting at the head, and down the back to the tip of her tail. Then I did just the tail again. She didn't seem to notice. Yay! One of the main requirements I had for a cat was no tail sensitivity, since Lee likes to stroke up the tail.

So, I decided we'd take her. She is lovely in temperament. Her name is going to be Rosie. I decided on that because it is different enough from our other cats' names that it should be easy to remember. Without further ado, meet the newest member of our family. Despite the blurry photo, you can still see her lovely green eyes and markings.

Welcome Rosie, to the squirreliest family in Michigan!!