Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Summer is Here!

Well, this is it. Summer is HERE! I am way excited by that this year. Although it will be challenging being home all summer with my 4 yr old and an almost 3, the girls are so busy this year I plan on fun. Little Lee is so into exploring. Last summer she wasn't even walking, and now she won't slow down. Sophie would live outside if I let her. ;)

This summer I want to do fun stuff with the kids. We have no OT, ST or PT planned at the hospital--just a Kindermusik class and a 6 wk program for Sophie. But Dave and I are3 planning at least 2 trips to Binder Park Zoo--I can't wait to see Sophie feeding a giraffe. And we want to take the girls on an overnighter to Toldeo Zoo too. Plus, a trip or two to the Hand's On science museum.

Mom and I are also planning on taking lots of day trips to the parks and some oof the area gardens. Since I have 2 little nature girls, it will be fun watching them discover. Plus, a few playdates with some of their playgroup friends.

Although our family's summer plans may seem tame by some standards, as the mom of 2 wonderful, bright special needs girls, it will be a joy to help them learn and grow, free from the school year schedule of therapies and appointments. Friends, sunshine and girly giggles--what could be a better summer than this?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Anniversary Tomorrow

Wow! It has been six years since Dave and I got married. All I can say is where did the time go. Since we got married so much has happened--3 deaths--my gran, his dad and his brother, plus the birth of our two beautiful daughters. The special needs diagnoses for our daughters, plus my transition to SAHM-dom.
It has been a wild ride and I wouldn't change it. I am grateful that I scrapbook, for I am able to get a snapshot of all the important moments we have shared by opening the book and reading my thoughts at the time. What a gift! Gotta love that. It is so important to me to preserve these memories, especially as everyone who could share the memories of my own childhood is gone. My dad, God bless him, has a hopeless memory for a lot of the things I would want to know. So I putter along, using a lot of my adult reflections and memories in my LOs. The great thing about many of my mom's old snapshots is that she sent a lot of pictures to relatives, so in many cases there are little stories on the back. I need to get started on her military pictures next--should be fun!
So, I did a LO this week about my anniversary, and I want to share it here. Six years down, another 50 to go!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Here's an idea...

I love the 2 Peas in a Bucket message board, that is a gimme. Just joined the blog challenge there, to get me started on creating this space.
What craft/hobby would you pursue, if you only had the time and / or the money, besides scrapbooking of course!
Well, I think the hobby I would love to pursue is sewing. I don't have the time at all to pursue it right now--the kids are way too young and too clingy (can we say LeeLee is a velcro child?) for me to do something without their "help." Heck, I can't even get around to buying a small sewing machine for scrapping. So I would love to sew. But maybe later....

Wow! I did it

So this is it. I have created a blog. Not sure what to do with it, but am excited to get a start on it.

What is it about the scrapper mindset? I read a great snippet in "Child" magazine this month that compared scrapping today to quilting bees. We get together at a crop to socialize & create, much as women did many generations ago to quilt and chat. It was interesting, and I could instantly see the correlation. It seems as if bacic societal needs are still being met, even though the means by which we meet them have changed. To which I say, cool beans!

Oh, and I got a distinct pleasure in seeing Cathy Z quoted in the article too! ;)