Thursday, May 10, 2007

Summer is here--bring on the scrapping guilt!

Well, between spring cleaning and gardening, I have been a busy woman lately. Deciding what things to toss, what to donate, what to store. Packing away winter coats, sorting little clothes to see what doesn't fit, re-organizing closets. Outside, I am planting new perennials, fertilizing all my plants, pruning bushes and trees, digging out plants that didn't come back after a sudden freeze in the spring.

So, I have not had the time to scrap. About three weeks ago, I was a scrapping dynamo! I did a LO each night for a week. They were pretty good, too (if I do say so myself!). But I have been so busy, I don't have the inclination to scrap. After a day of working, I want to veg in front of the TV.

I do have a project in mind--an autumn album of all the fun stuff the girls did in the fall--pumpkin patch, hay ride, trick or treat, decorating for Halloween. Originally, I was going to do an 8x8 book--but, considering the number of pictures, I am contemplating using an 8x12 Baybox. Sigh. I have never done an 8x12 album, so again, I hesitate to start.

And so it goes. The spirit is willing, but the planner in me is weak. This happens every summer. Let's just hope I can finish the Autumn 2006 album before August 2007 rolls around.


Colleen said...

Yeah, I have that same thing! Once I get out of the rhythm of scrapping, it's hard to jump in again. I try and do a little every day - even if it's only 10 or 15 minutes because of this! Good luck with the mini album and congrats on getting all that work done!

BonnieRose said...

I can relate.. I write all my ideas down in my journal.. but haven't done tons.. i feel ur pain.. lol