Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Orca Love

Well, my daughter Sophia is animal crazy, and always has been. Her first word at 8 months was "hitty" (her early word for the cat). At 2 years old, she knew about12 farm animals and what sound they make. Nowt 5 years old, she can tell you all about the animals of the rain forest--what they sound like, say and eat (thanks Diego!). Her favorite day trip is the zoo. She also knows all the different dinosaurs by name, and will earnestly correct you if you misname when.

So, yesterday she came home from, school with a picture collage she made of Orca whales. Mommy, daddy and baby whale she tells me. Very nice. She played with them all afternoon--the next thing you know, she had her little bug catcher cage and inside was her pet orca whale, Richard (don't ask).

She mentions next that orcas are nice fish. So, I explain that fish breathe with gills and lay eggs to make babies, but whales have a blow hole and have babies in their tummies that are born and swim around. She accepted that and ran off to play orca.

Well, I should have known that wouldn't be the end of it--never underestimate an Asperger child. They are too smart for the average sleep deprived mom. Sophia tells me that she is going to be a mommy orca. I tell her that;s great. She proceeds to tell me she has a baby orca in her tummy. At that point, she sticks her stuffed mouse under her shirt, and then pulls him out. "See mama, the baby orca is borned."

What could I say? It was cute. Squirrelly, but cute. That's my girl.

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toners said...

Great post! I love trying to record those things are kids say!