Thursday, May 10, 2007

"I am that hero...."

Well, we have discovered Veggie Tales in our home. And, it is a HUGE hit. We all find ourselves humming silly songs, and watching each new DVD with interest. But, the biggest impact has been made by Larry Boy, with his amazing suction cup ears. Sophia is in love. We had to run out to Agape (our local Christian book store) the other night to buy the Larry Mobile for her.

The positive side of the Veggie Tales invasion has been that Sophia is beginning to get a concept of God and the Bible. I picked up the VT bible story book to read to her--after each VT story are the verses from the Bible that the story was based on. She enjoys hearing that read, and having it explained to her.

I'm not sure Anneliese is as enthralled by the biblical aspect of VT, but from the giggles and the dancing she does while watching the show, I know that it is a hit with her, too.

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