Sunday, May 20, 2007

So blessed

I was thinking about my girls the other night. Whenever someone hears that both of my daughters are special, I get the "wow, you must have your hands full." Well, I do. Full of laughs, love, funny comments, silly dances and bad knock knock jokes. Like most other preschoolers, I guess. Yes, I get a bit more tantrumming than some moms do--sensory integration difficulties guarantee that. But, as the girls get older, things are even improving on that front.

The real reason I feel so blessed is that my girls are so close. Their disabilities and personalities are completely opposite from each other: Anneliese is an extrovert, Sophia is shy; Anneliese is silent, Sophia is a chatterbox; Anneliese will persist in engaging her sister, Sophia likes her own world.

When Anneliese can't explain what she needs, Sophia helps. When Sophia gets too far into her world, Anneliese pulls her out. Sophia's physical daring and monkey like acrobatics push Anneliese to emulate her sister, helping to develop those gross motor muscles that need strengthening. The girls learn by each other's example. Anneliese wants to follow her sister, and Sophia wants to have fun with her. Sophia and Anneliese are both learning to cooperate and share, something even their schools aren't seeing yet.

As I listen to them laughing and giggling for a 1/2 hour each night after tuck-ins, I know my girlies are happy, love each other and have a best friend. Right now, nothing is more important.

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What a wonderful post!

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