Monday, May 07, 2007

How does your garden grow?

Am loving the spring time this year. When we bought our house in June 2003, the garden was overgrown and dying. After ripping up EVERYTHING except a lilac tree, a weeping cherry and 2 evergreen bushes (we ripped out approximately 25 plants and trees that were crowded or dying) we had to dig up the existing beds and add a couple new ones. We now add 5-6 plants per year. This year was a 2nd lilac tree, a barberry, 2 more bog rosemary and two flowering almond trees, as well as a few perennials.

My efforts are finally paying off. My little bitty burning bushes (no more than twigs when I planted them in 2005) are now over 2 feet tall and filled out. They have grown 4 inches this year alone.

My hen and chicks (sempervivum) are my special favorites, although Dave thinks they look like an alien life form. But I love them--my grandmother always had them in her garden, and I thought it was so cool that the main plant would send out little "chicks." Kind of like a succulent spider plant. So, when we bough this house, I got a few from a lady thinning hers out. From 8 or nine plants and "chicks" I now have about 150 and still going strong. I am currently moving them from their metal planter to shady areas to use as ground cover. I love them--they are a great reminder of my childhood.

Currently I have lilacs, rosemary and sage in bloom, or on the verge. My weeping cherry just got done blooming. I have tulips to plant for next year. My goal is to eventually figure out a way to always have flowers in bloom... What could make for a more beautiful landscape?

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Maureen said...

Oh, I LOVE my hens and chicks too! They are great ground cover around flowers. Your garden sounds wonderful; take some pics to show it off!