Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Definitely my daughter!

Let me preface this post by saying that this year I created an Amazon.com wish list for people to see I might like for Christmas. Mostly fun frivolous books or DVDs I probably wouldn't pick up for myself. One of these items is The McCartney Years, a 3 disk collection of performances and music videos spanning the almost 40 years of Paul McCartney's solo career. I have always been a fan, but the last five-6 years (since his wife Linda died) have not produced any new music I thought was worth listening to. That is, until the 2007 Starbucks release Memory Almost Full. Awesome disk--very Wings-like, and it renewed my McCartney interest. Hence my desire for the McCartney Years.

Well, the last week I put disk 1 into my DVD player and began checking it out. Sophia was in the room, and was interested. The first 5-6 videos were very basic--photos and home movies of Paul and Linda and their young family. Sophia began asking who various people were, then went back to playing. When a video for "Mamunia" (a song off 1973's Band on the Run) began, though, she got interested. Merely a rough cartoon, something about it attracted her.

Then, the other night I was watching McCartney live at the Olympia on A&E. Sophia, who was playing her computer game with her back to the TV, asked what I was watching. I told her a singer in concert. "Oh, the 'Mamunia' singer?" I told her yes. After I told Dave about this later, he laughed but wasn't aware of Sophie's new found McCartney love until I put the disk in for Sophia Sunday. She sat to watch "Mamunia" and when Dave saw the big grin on her face he was amazed. Then I went to turn it off, and she asked to watch more of my music. So, we watched the whole DVD.

Very cute to see. I started my McCartney fan-dom at age 12, so she has me beat by a few years. But, at least her first rock n roll music love is not the Sex Pistols, right?

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