Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Another interesting Christmas

Well, we have definitely hit winter. The beginning of December, Anneliese had bronchitis and I had tonsillitis. Fast forward--mid month, Anneliese gets a cold, and we both get the flu. Then, the weekend before Christmas, Sophia runs a fever we can't get below 100.5 even with drugs. Anneliese breaks out in spots. I am getting paranoid--last Christmas day we were all in the ER with strp throat. So, I call the pediatrician Monday (Christmas Eve) morning, tell him about Anneliese's spots, following her flu and low fever, and he tells me rubeola, and she'll be fine. OK. I call back that afternoon, after we realize Sophie's fever is steady. He tells me that she is probably getting the same thing, just give her tylenol.

So, we go to mom's Christmas Eve night, and after meal and gifts, Sophie is exhausted and ready to go home. We wait a while to visit, then leave. She comes home and goes straight to bed. I have a restless night, and seem to be getting a sore throat. I wake up, take liquid Tylenol for my throat and we do Santa gifts. After opening most of her gifts (Sophie was SO not excited--very lethargic) I start feeling nauseous, and proceed to get sick in the bathroom. I sleep 8 or 9 hours all day, and can't stay awake. I run a high fever the same as Sophia. Sophia, meanwhile, is getting a red rash all over her chest and back.

So, the next morning we go to see the doctor. My doctor is on vacation, so I am planning to go to Express Care. After looking at her, Dr. H says he suspects Scarlet Fever, as she appears to have strep, the rash and the fever. After her strep test is positive, he gives us both antibiotics. He did a mandatory peek in my throat to justify the scrip, and wrote mine out. I had told him about my doctor being on vacation, so I was grateful.

Today, we are all healthy again. No temps, no sore throats, and pretty much no problems except a little cabin fever. Let's hope for a healthier new year!

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