Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Summer is Here!

Well, this is it. Summer is HERE! I am way excited by that this year. Although it will be challenging being home all summer with my 4 yr old and an almost 3, the girls are so busy this year I plan on fun. Little Lee is so into exploring. Last summer she wasn't even walking, and now she won't slow down. Sophie would live outside if I let her. ;)

This summer I want to do fun stuff with the kids. We have no OT, ST or PT planned at the hospital--just a Kindermusik class and a 6 wk program for Sophie. But Dave and I are3 planning at least 2 trips to Binder Park Zoo--I can't wait to see Sophie feeding a giraffe. And we want to take the girls on an overnighter to Toldeo Zoo too. Plus, a trip or two to the Hand's On science museum.

Mom and I are also planning on taking lots of day trips to the parks and some oof the area gardens. Since I have 2 little nature girls, it will be fun watching them discover. Plus, a few playdates with some of their playgroup friends.

Although our family's summer plans may seem tame by some standards, as the mom of 2 wonderful, bright special needs girls, it will be a joy to help them learn and grow, free from the school year schedule of therapies and appointments. Friends, sunshine and girly giggles--what could be a better summer than this?

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