Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back in Action

After a long sabbatical (for lack of a better word) I am back. Long lazy summer, very little picture taking, no scrapping other than a May crop with Andi. Getting my act together and scrap space cleaned up--Larisa and I have a 14 hour Halloween crop coming up. Sad to say, I just need to re-arrange my yet unpacked scrap totes.

And I am back on the weight loss bandwagon. July 11 I went back to Weight Watchers and decided that I need to buckle down and do it. Not only had I gained back the 60 pounds I had previously lost, it brought along a few of its friends--around 45 to be exact. I have lost 20 pounds so far and want to drop another 75 to get to goal. Any weight loss after that is icing on the fat-free cake, you know?

I finally figured out what prompted the regain to a certain extent. Back when I was single in college (the dark ages known as the mid 90's) I got down to my high school weight. I was 5'11" in high school. At 6'1" I was way too thin (although I didn't believe it--I thought I looked great). I played the numbers game--look, my high school weight, and a size 12 for the first time EVER. Well, marriage and 2 kids later by c-section, and my goal was 25 pounds higher than my high school weight, per my doctor. When I lost weight and got to goal, I was in a size 14, loose 16. I was sure I could do better. Ummm, no. I had been pregnant twice with 2 ten pounders, and gained a LOT of weight with both.

Then, life happened--three deaths in the family--two unexpected, one not--and then 2 diagnoses of my girls. Plus, my mental health crisis and diagnosis. Hello comfort food. Forget chicken on a green salad at a restaurant--bring on the chicken fried steak. Hi brownies and chocolate chip cookies. Full fat cheese--it tastes so much better than low fat, and why measure? And we will not begin to talk about the Girl Scout cookies.

So, I have been doing WW again for 2 months. Feeling good. Not wanting to eat sweet sugary or fatty crap anymore. Walking again and liking it. Not snacking just cause I can.

So, one day at a time on this journey. A slip is not a fall off the wagon. I can do it. Life is good.

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